Shane Cavanaugh

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I'm a web developer who wants to build apps and services that facilitate people's abilities. My goal is to build coherent systems succinctly, with flexibility and stability, for users and developers.

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⏳ Background

I started building simple web sites in middle school. In high school, I taught myself to run my own web site using Apache and PHP. In college, I had my own domain and blog. I went to college to study literature and ended up with a biology degree. After college, I worked at a biotech company, wearing various hats, including maintaining their website. I decided to focus on web development, and started my own freelance company. I joined a consulting agency and worked directly with clients on greenfield and inherited projects in Ruby and Javascript.

🎉 Client quotes

I just wanted to let you know that so far we have received wonderful feedback from our other sites who recently began using the database application. The users have shared with me how much time it has saved them, how user friendly it is, and overall how much they love it! It really has been great, it makes our job so much easier...We also really appreciate how responsive Shane is whenever we experience an issue or have a question. Another user told to her project director (who shared this at our Regional Project Director meeting today) – that she gives the application a 10/10 and commented how responsive your group is (I agree!).


I just wanted to applaud your work on Dreamly so far. I looked at the codebase today for the first time in a long while, and was delighted to see how much you've improved its foundation even as you've added complex features. I think TFP is lucky this project landed in your hands, and I'm looking forward to seeing where you take it.


I am sad not to be working with you all anymore too; your quality of work is amazing.

👨‍💻 Experience

Developer @ Singlebrook

August 2016 - present

I work with clients to build web apps from the ground up, to maintain existing apps, and assist other developers with their client projects using Agile values and principles. I've been the primary developer for 3 apps and have assisted with other projects, including the odd ColdFusion or PHP app.

Primary technologies

Patient Dev

2015 - 2016

This was my freelance business working with local clients to maintain their sites. This was my first venture into the web development industry. Some highlights:

Forging a Worldwide Network (FAWN)


A social network that connects artists with social activists to foster relationships and inspiration. I worked remotely with a designer to build a social network from scratch.

Primary technologies


Inventor and distributor of products for X-ray crystallography.


I maintained the company website, managed shipping logistics, generated leads and sales, developed marketing, and provided IT support.

🎓 Education

Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology
State University of New York, Cortland, NY
Graduated 2012